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How after-school tutoring program impacts academic achievement

The world in which we live today has changed significantly and continues to be so at a rapid pace. This change, in turn, has brought along a bucket of good, bad and evil. The good is that the modern world is seamless bringing nearly anything and everything on to your palm at the click of a few buttons. The bad is that some of us are not judicious enough to distinguish the bad from the good. The evil is that the bucket also has so much of filth beneath that is more dangerous than substance abuse, drugs, alcohol or perhaps all the three put together. This is the world in which our children grow up and need to conquer the world to carve out their private space.

Given this scenario, parents worldwide are concerned, and the only tool in their hands is to provide the best education that they can, to the children. In their anxiety to equip their children with all the warfare and make them fighting fit, many parents also knowingly and willfully deprive the kids of all that we as parents enjoyed in our early childhood. This drastic shift also brings into focus “Hot housing” which is described as “results-driven” education focused on accelerating the earlier learning – often from a tender age of 3 years or even earlier! This is the context in which we now examine the after-school tutoring and its impact on academic achievements.

For policymakers, educators and parents, improving educational outcome for students facing the risk of academic failure is a critical issue. In recent times, after-school tutoring was identified as potentially helpful in reversing academic failure and making its academic success. Research has also established that tutors can teach strategies as part of the tutoring sessions and those strategies come in handy when they work on class assignments. Additionally, some students who received after-school tutoring were also seen to experience continued success even after the tutoring ended, which goes to show that the strategies imparted in tutoring could be deployed in a generative fashion.

Tutoring in Australia

A broad range of extracurricular activities is available to Australian children and that notwithstanding, private tutoring in Australia is now a lucrative and fast growing industry. For instance, the Edu Kingdom Coaching School has, in recent years seen a steady rise in its enrolments. While that is a positive sign, the cause for concern comes from the decreasing age of children participating in the program with a good percentage of them being under five years of age.

The ATA or Australian Tutoring Association claims that many parents are now engaging private tutors with a focus on the NAPLAN testing. There can be no denying the fact that most of these tests are extremely competitive and for many students what they receive from the schools regarding content and focus could potentially fall way short. Tutoring is thus indispensable for such students to score in these tests and take their learning to the next level.

Should parents get more involved with the education of their children?

The effectiveness of tutoring in general or after-school tutoring, in particular, appears to have been established in Australia, given the growing popularity of the industry and rising number of admissions to a multitude of programs, apart from private tutors, and private tuition centres. Since young children may not be able to express their need for tuitions or how they benefit from it even after several weeks of tuition, it is for the parents to get more involved with the studies of their children and gain firsthand knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses. They can also speak to the teachers at the school at regular intervals to gauge the progress of their kid/s in diverse areas of performance.  The idea, however, is not to undermine the tutoring services or its effectiveness. Remember that only the parent/guardian can understand and interact with the young toddlers to determine at what stage they should be given additional tuitions to brighten up their future. In other words tutoring for your children should be need driven, rather than anxiety driven.

How the after school tutoring programs make a difference

In the first place, the after school tutoring services have the flexibility to tune in with the times and adopt strategies, tools and programs that best fit the needs of particular student/s. One to one contact between the student and the tutor is another huge benefit that the after school tutoring brings to the table. This way, the tutor gains a more intimate understanding of your child’s specific needs, the weak spots as well as where the child already excels. In turn, this helps the tutor to do a fine tuning to get the best results.

Better experienced and educated tutors

The after school tutoring programs also are manned by better educated and better-experienced tutors. The success of these tutoring services are dependent on the success of your children, and therefore it is incumbent on the service to ensure that only the best tutors are entrusted with the task of tutoring your kids.

Your children gain higher levels of confidence

academic performanceWhen children feel the excitement of achieving consistently, their innate confidence gets a shot in the arm. This is a great trait to nurture and would be immensely helpful as they scale greater heights in the academic stream and later in their careers. The reverse would be true when they are continuously bogged down by problems.

Quest for more

When the confidence level in a child rises consistently, he/she reaches a state where there are fewer questions or problems to be solved. But his/her mind is already primed to receive as much knowledge as possible which leads to a quest for more. They now start asking questions and exploring every situation to get deeper and deeper into the topic/task on hand.

Finally, every parent must ensure that children always have at least minimum time every single day set aside for outdoor activities where they get to interact with peers, play, sing, dance or whatever other activities that interest. This way, you will ensure that his/her mind, body and spirit are in harmony with each other which is essential to becoming a well-rounded individual.